Elmiger architects | Eichrain


Project: Eichrain housing development and care home
Brief info: Urban district development with 119 apartments and care home with 109 apartments
Location: Zurich
Client: City of Zurich
Realisation: Competition 2015

The existing allotment gardens in Eichrain span the site like a giant carpet – their individuality gives them a unique place in the settlement structure of Seebach. For the past 60 to 70 years they have supplemented the built fabric of the area with an ecologically valuable, attractive green and recreation space, used by a large number of local residents.

The proposed project seeks to link in with these qualities, while also giving them a new interpretation, so that in spite of its increased density, the site can retain its uniqueness, its openness to the wider context and the generosity of its open space.

With this goal in mind the project proposes the creation of a park across the whole site, defined along Birchstrasse by a long residential building, while remaining open on all other sides, linking with neighbouring open spaces and maximising perception of green space in the area.

In collaboration with Goldrand Landschaftsarchitektur, Zurich.