Elmiger architects | A 01

A 01

Project: A 01
Brief info: Weekend house
Location: Araucanía, Chile
Client: Private
Realization: 2017 – 2019

Weekend house for a young business manager from Santiago, using part of her grandparent’s land located midst a non-native landscape.

The house emphasizes its independence to the existing building conglomerate. At a distance of 700 meters from the main building, the house is located in the gap of an existing forest at the edge of the water reservoir, creating a direct link to nature and the agricultural land. Contrary to the traditional construction which spreads horizontally, the individual rooms of the house are arranged vertically. The rooms have the same dimensions and vary only in the height and the materiality. This allows a conscious perception of each room, which are connected by a narrow staircase.

The repetitive floor plan suggests usage flexibility and building neutrality. The balcony’s north orientation supports this idea, protects against the strong sunlight and creates a strong relation to the adjacent trees through the structural expression.

The crane arm allows the incorporation of larger furniture and creates a reference to the agricultural buildings on the grounds.