Elmiger architects | B O8

B O8

Project: B O8
Brief info: Private house with outside pool
Location: Stans
Client: Private
Realization: 2009 – 2010

The project is located between the characterless buildings in the village´s periphery and the breathtaking views of the Stanserhorn, Buochserhorn and the Pilatus mountains.

The house oscillates between intimacy and openness in a way that reminds of the mountain living style. The windows are orientated to the four cardinal points and together with other openings, they surprise through their spectacular views of the mountain peaks.

To counteract the immediate faceless buildings, different themes and senses were developed in the project in order to evoke the mountain world memories. The visual language of the children´s tale „Schellenursli“ served as context and inspiration for countless places, which through the fuzziness of time become more beautiful.

Elmiger Tschuppert Architekten, Christoph Wey Landschaftsarchitekten