Elmiger architects | Buttisholz


Project: New school building Buttisholz
Brief info: New classrooms, music hall and multi-purpose hall
Location: Buttisholz, Lucerne
Client: Municipality of Buttisholz
Realisation: 2010 – 2012


The internal organisation of the new school building is defined by both a clear idea of the movement of people through the interior spaces, and by the creation of varied spatial moments. The modulation of the facades relates to the external context and acts independently of the interior, setting specific accents relating to the building’s location: on the one hand the building orientates itself to the village, on the other hand it relates to the playground and the existing school campus. The vertical interstitial space created by the positioning of the new building in relation to the existing schoolhouse from 1910, marks the new entrance to the whole school complex where a wide staircase leads to the schoolyard.

Elmiger Tschuppert architects in collaboration with Mai Architects, Lucerne and Appert Zwahlen Landscape Architects, Cham