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Emmen A1 A2

Project: Emmen A1 A2
Brief info: Feldbreite Urban District; residential and commercial development, sites A1 and A2
Location: Emmen, Lucerne
Client: Pensimo Management AG
Realisation: Competition 2012, 2nd Place

Guiding principle for this project is the vision of creating a lively, mixed urban district that offers a diverse range of rental apartments. Including housing typologies for as wide a range of household types and age groups as possible should ensure maximum diversity both in the development as a whole and within the individual buildings. Different floorplans meet different needs: the mix of single-level apartments, terraced houses and apartments accessed via shared external space creates a wide range of housing types capable of responding to different ways of life.

The concept of the project is to further develop the ideas of both architects who realised the Schindlerdörfli (‘Schindler village’) that previously existed on this site. In this way the spirit of this area can be revived and the new project can retain a link with the history of the place, in spite of the fact that the existing low-density housing on the site will have to be demolished to enable higher density development.
The ideas of these architects are given form on two different levels: the first three floors link into the garden city tradition and incorporate the existing Meili building into the development as a whole, while also defining the outdoor spaces between the buildings. The ideas of ‚modern times’ are incorporated in towers, regularly spaced across the site, formed by the upper storeys of the lower buildings.
Combining these two typologies leads to a development comprising six groups of buildings. Together they create a multi-faceted urban setting with an adaptable network of open space for a variety of uses, and with the ability to create spatial tension between public squares and private niches.

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