Elmiger architects | Giessen M2

Giessen M2

Project: Giessen M2
Brief info: Residential development with 160 apartments
Location: Dübendorf, Zürich
Client: Credit Suisse, Development Implenia
Realisation: Project study 2014


Nowadays the village and industrial characters of Dübendorf sit close together.
The immediate context of the planning perimeter reflects the scale of economic upturn experienced by Dübendorf, and embodies the dynamic of a developing and growing neighbourhood. The implementation of the planned masterplan for the Giessen Areal will create new urban spaces, which add a further level of heterogeneity to an already spatially diverse environment.

Of particular interest for the proposed project were the large green recreation spaces which unfold between residential buildings in the wider context, but which are not generally perceived from the public realm. These green spaces contribute much in terms of quality of life to an area that is divided up like a mosaic by spaces shaped by industry.

Along Überlandstrasse the new building slots into the existing pattern of large simple volumes. Along Florastrasse, on the other hand, the building is given a structural rhythm in order to mediate between the different settlement patterns present in the immediate context. The differences in height between different parts of the building ensure optimal sunlight availability in the large courtyard enclosed by the building, thus creating an attractive living environment.

Elmiger Tschuppert architects in collaboration with Hager Partner AG, Zurich; Synaxis Engineers, Zurich; Amstein Walthert AG, Zurich; Grolimund Partner AG, Zurich