Elmiger architects | Hardau


Project: Residential development Hardau
Brief info: Residential development with 135 apartments and commercial areas
Location: Zurich
Client: Muncipality of Zurich
Realization: Competition 2018, third prize

The project takes into account the contrasting environment, and offers a response with an independent character that follows its own inner logic. The break in the height along the Hardstrasse, and the autonomous language of form serve to mediate between the different building structures and to strengthen the identity of the new housing development. The setting creates a clear definition and hierarchy of public spaces. The street space, the park, the large yard, the small yard, the patio and the nature orientated space in front of the neighboring buildings in the north-west, form an interesting sequence with diverse possibilities of uses. The open composition leads to a strong connection with the neighborhood.  The inner patio of the courtyard building is densely planted with plants, slender trees and climbing plants, allowing this green oasis to complement the high density concept, bringing nature back to the densest location of the building.