Elmiger architects | Ittigen


Project: Ittigen
Brief info: Office building
Location: Ittigen, Bern
Client: Federal office for buildings and logistics
Realisation: Competition 2010, 4th Prize


A defining characteristic of Worblentalstrasse in Ittigen is the interplay of open green spaces and houses with front gardens along the street.
The orientation of the proposed building is guided by the intention of incorporating and continuing these qualities. On the one hand the project can be understood as ‘a house in the park’, thanks to its seemingly free position on the site. On the other hand the length of the Worbelstrasse facade of this new administrative building brings the neighbouring large stand-alone office buildings into a new relationship with one another, while also creating a new rhythm of large buildings along the street, giving the streetscape here a new distinct identity.
The qualities of the existing open space are continued across the site by extending the green space and creating attractive surroundings for the new administrative building.
Subtly curved paths link functionally important points and encourage users to wander and linger.

Elmiger Tschuppert architects in collaboration with Appert Zwahlen Landscape Architects, Cham