Elmiger architects | Kronenwiese


Project: Kronenwiese
Brief info: Residential building with kindergarten
Location: Zürich
Client: Municipality of Zürich
Realisation: Competition 2011, 8th Prize

The proposed project continues the existing urban pattern of the city and extends this towards Kornhausstrasse and Nordstrasse.
Towards the south-east, the existing ‘Schindlergut’ Park is carried into the new project where it is further developed with vegetation, paths and stand-alone individual buildings.
The stepping back of each of the proposed building’s levels creates additional roofspaces, which are then used as hanging gardens. This unique outdoor space typology facing the Park is a central defining aspect of the design concept.
The form of the terraces ensures that the facade is not overshadowed, enabling an optimal use of passive solar energy. The terraces can also be adapted for use as winter gardens. The gardens are orientated to the path of the sun as it moves across the park.

The specific design concept leads to different floor areas at each level of the building, which then generates varied apartment floorplans. These are approached as different living landscapes for different users and provide the client with a wide range of apartment types.

The wider urban district in which this project is located is characterised by green shared courtyards, as well as by front gardens. This approach to open space – including public, semi-private and private – is carried forward into the new proposal.
A generous passageway leads from Kornhausstrasse into the park. The park provides attractive spaces for different activities and places for playing, as well as a building with spaces for communal use.

Elmiger Tschuppert architects in collaboration with Appert Zwahlen landscape architecture, Cham