Elmiger architects | Lancy


Project: Lancy
Brief info: Residential and Office development
Location: Lancy, Genève
Client: Turidomus, Municipality of Lancy, Trefle d’or
Realization: Competition 2017

By responding to and continuing the existing urban form and scale of the surrounding context, the proposal seeks to strengthen a currently weak and undefined urban situation.

On the site to be developed by the Turidomus Foundation and the City of Lancy (Bachet de Pesay), the proposal continues the perimeter development seen in the context to the north of the site. The proposed perimeter housing extends along the Avenue Eugène Lance and the Route de Saint-Julien, creating a large attractive external space sheltered from the noise of the street. The volumetric treatment of the corners of the proposed perimeter block creates two triangular public spaces along the Route Saint-Julien. The space to the south is predestined for use as a local public space; the space to the east is already activated by the presence of the BP petrol station and the proximity to the new CEVA transport hub.

In order to establish an appropriate density for the area, the proposal for Trèfle d’Or extends to the limits of the site. To the Route de Saint-Julien the building is set back from the third floor upwards. This integrates the taller building into the urban sequence along the Route de Saint-Julien. To the south the building cantilevers out over the new esplanade leading up to the planned ice hockey stadium, both creating a dialogue with the cantilevered form of the ice hockey stadium itself and defining and emphasising the new public space between stadium and CEVA transport hub.

The volumetric approach to both buildings, consisting in each case of a lower, horizontal podium and a vertical tower structure, anchors the proposal as a whole in the surrounding context by relating to this context at different levels and scales. With a total height of 67m, the tower on the Bachet de Pesay site creates a point of orientation for the local area, while also linking into the local ensemble of higher buildings of which it is a part and relating to similar developments in the wider context.

Landscape architecture: Hager Partner AG

Structural engineering: Walt + Galmarini AG

Acoustic engineering: Gartenmann Engineering AG