Elmiger architects | X


Project: X
Brief info: Two-family house
Location: Ebikon
Client: Private
Realization: 2017 – 2019

The design of the new two-family house refers to the original idea of the neighborhood development, considered in the 1938 parceling.

The land registry states the intention with the phrase “construction limited to villas”. The hope was to create a framework for the future developments, in order for the area to develop into an attractive villa zone. This original thought became diluted with time.

Now, thanks to the purpose of the current property owner, the opportunity has arisen to replace the low quality house with a villa, in accordance with the original development plan for this area.

Villa X combines the foregoing train of thought with the specific ideas of the community and local land commission.

Analogies are drawn between the project and the other villas and representative buildings in the close surroundings, anchoring the house to the spatial context. The typical local structuring of the garden and the facade form the spatial scheme.

The shape of the living room, dining room and kitchen, open in all four directions, combined with the sectional figure, which allows for a 4 meter height by waiving an additional floor, creates an experience that not only celebrates the upscale living demands but that also makes them contemporary.