Elmiger architects | Waedenswil


Project: Civil engineering department in Waedenswil
Brief info: New recreation and training room, offices, and vehicle parking building
Location: Zurich
Client: Hochbauamt des Kanton Zürich
Realisation: Realisation 2018

Two measures were required to improve the functional operations of the civil engineering department in Wädenswil: the conversion of an existing vehicle parking building into a recreation and training room, with adjoining office space, and the creation of a new vehicle parking building. Both measures were designed for a time horizon of 10 years and planned so that both buildings can be easily dismantled and rebuilt in a different location. The constructive components form the spatial envelope without any cladding, and thus define the room atmosphere with their raw texture. An exception is the cable routing to the light fixtures. These follow an independent logic, as they are based on a mistake made by the electrician, who didn’t drill the connection points in the planed places. Instead of demanding an error-free work from the electrician, with all of its consequences, we sought to deal with the mistake and look for a solution which would add spatial value. The result is a conscious use of resources, not only in the design but also in the construction process.