Elmiger architects | Winterberg


Project: Winterberg
Brief info: Residential development
Location: Altdorf, Uri
Client: ACAMA
Realisation: Competition 2014
Realisation 2015 – 2017


The spatial experience and architectural identity of the village is shaped by magnificent manor houses and by palazzi erected by returning mercenary commanders. The proposed project orientates itself to this existing historical fabric.
The horizontality of the single-storey building typology ties in with the existing surrounding walls that define the historical manor house plots, while the vertical extension of the stand-alone houses makes a direct reference to the manor houses themselves and to the palazzi. The combination of these two volumetric elements leads to a dense building typology that also creates contextually coherent, attractive public spaces. This can be understood as the logical extension of the village centre, thus strengthening the identity of both existing fabric and new project.

Elmiger Tschuppert architects in collaboration with Prof. Dieter Geissb├╝hler